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Get rewarded for helping your friends become a pilot.

Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are experts and respected professionals in their fields. Through their hard work and thought leadership, they have earned the trust of their colleagues.

There are thousands of people who would like to join the aviation world and that is where you come in.

While building your career, you have connected with people who have valuable information, ideas and a real desire to enjoy aviation and fly.

The Black Rock Fly Academy Program makes it very easy for you to get rewarded for introducing us to potential person in your network who wants to become a pilot.

How it works

Here is a real example of how the Black Rock Ambassador Program actually works.

Be sure to send an e-mail to our support team and join our ambassador program. You will get a specific Ambassador link to identify you.

Every time a new pilot join our academy, you will earn your referral fee

Ambassador FAQ

Your level of involvement in the program is entirely up to you, but in order to earn referral commissions, our Ambassadors must use their unique link to direct their referrals to sign up for one of our training course.

You have options for how you share your link:

Connect your referral with our support team via our email. You can use an intro email template and be sure to include your unique URL, to be tracked easily.

Send the person you want to refer your unique link, which will prompt them to schedule a call with one of our support team.

Share your unique link on your personal website, blog, newsletter, social media channels, or anywhere else you have potential connections that could benefit from sharing your aviation passion.

We have found that those Ambassadors who succeed in referring a future pilot during their first 30 days end up continuing to succeed. 

Our most successful Ambassadors are really creative:

They mention us in speeches, reach out to their email lists, and come up with other ideas to get us in front of their audiences.

To determine if someone would be a good fit for our professional services, you should ask yourself these questions:

Are they showing an interest to become a pilot?
Can people benefit from what we teach?
Would they like to talk about aviation?
Would they be able to invest $8k+ for becoming a pilot in the near future?

What we do:

Black Rock helps students to become a pilots and professionals to refresh their aviation knowledge.

Why we do it:

Black Rock believes many people love to travel and aviation is an easy way to do it.
We want to help people share their unique passion about aviation.

How we do it:

We surround with professional personnel and a team to help them make their dream become a reality.

500 $ for each student pilot.

We pay 30 days after your referral has paid off 50% of their agreement balance with Black Rock Fly Academy. Depending on which service they have signed on for, this can vary anywhere from 1 to 3 months on average.

Your reward will show as “Pending” in your system until student has paid, at which point it will be marked “Approved” and paid out within 30 days.

We do not mess around with this part — we know you are busy, and keeping track of owed payments is not a burden we want to place on you. 

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