Women in Aviation, a first step to become a pilot

We launched the Sponsorship program for women in aviation. It is an encouragement program based on statistics of women who are, want or wanted to be pilots, throughout Europe.

This brief message will explain the program to allow the applicants, analyze their situation and help them in the process of applying for the selection process.

Survey reveals that 62% of men and 52% of women consider becoming Aircraft Pilots

A survey of more than 2,000 young people between 15 and 20 years of age, find out whether or not they are considering becoming an airline pilot. The result of this survey was very positive for the future of this career: 6 out of 10 young people are considering becoming an airline pilot.

Compared to men, women still consider becoming an airline pilot to a lesser extent than men. While almost 62% of male high school students would consider the profession, the figure for women is 52%.

The main motivation for young European to become pilots is found in the "feeling of being able to fly", mostly expressed by women. This is followed by salary and reputation and finally the high rate of employability at the end of their studies.

The study also concluded that there is a lot of lack of knowledge among young people about the profession, requirements and possible career opportunities. 

Financing this career is not very simple and many young people might have some troubles to qualify, especially women. This is the reason Black Rock Fly Academy has created a special sponsorship program to help financially women to get their first license and create a possible career in aviation.

If you believe you can qualify for this program, send a resume, a motivation letter and prepare yourself for our selection process and interview. The successful candidate will start the PPL training with our school and she will start the journey to become a pilot.

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Girls in Aviation

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